Laser Cutter

Laser Cutters

By John Stokes (

What Are Laser Cutters?

Laser cutting machines are computer numerical controlled machines that use a mixture of gases to pass an electrical current to cut sheet metal and industrial piping. There are two main different gases used in laser cutters: carbon dioxide, and neodymium or a neodymium-YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet). The laser cutter then uses a process to compress the gases and use this compression to travel an array of reflected lights to emit a strong enough laser capable of cutting through metal. Typically, the carbon dioxide lasers are used to cut through different materials, ranging from stainless steel to wood, where as the neodymium lasers are used for etching and inscribing.

Laser cutter mid cut

Our Mazak Laser Cutter, mid cut

What Are The Best Uses for Laser Cutters?

Laser cutters are great for custom manufacturing projects using sheet metal. Laser cutters always have a certain material thickness limit that they can cut, and that thickness can greatly depend on the specific material. Due to the way that the laser cuts or melts the material, a common result in finished products is sloping edge referred to as, “kerfing.” Because of kerfing, laser cutters are best used for custom manufacturing projects that don’t require to keep tight tolerances. However, most kerfing measurements are very small, the smallest possible being .004 of an inch. Common custom manufacturing products that laser cutters are used for include:

  • Lettering or numbers
  • Outdoor signage for businesses or organizations
  • Custom brackets
  • Cover plates
  • Etchings on previously made products

Metal Products Company Laser Cutter Capabilities

At Metal Products Company, we house a Mazak LASER Path Turbo X-48. Our laser cutter is 1000 watt strength, and the table size is 48 X 96 inches. This machine adds to our line of custom manufacturing capabilities. We’ve handled projects ranging from customized brackets to decorative flower holding pieces. Many of our customers combine our powder coating capabilities to finish off their laser cut pieces. Visit our Custom Manufacturing section of our website to see picture examples of our previous custom manufacturing projects, including parts cut by our laser machine.

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