Beautiful Construction Projects of 2013

The widely known tech/design blog Gizmodo unveiled their top 11 construction projects of 2013. Included in the list are construction projects all across the US and some in Canada. The different buildings range from the airport in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to a boathouse for a boat club in Boston.

My personal favorite was the new visitor’s center for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, in New York City. The way that the garden is incorporated into the roof of the building is very seamless, and creative. You can check out the rest of the projects here. You’ll definitely notice common themes of earth tones, simplicity, and streamlining with nature.

Locally speaking, we had some major construction projects finish this year as well. Most notably the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex was completed in 2013, and is considered one of the top athletic facilities across the country, including professional and collegiate settings. The local school paper, The Daily Emerald, has a thorough photo diary here, that includes shots of meeting rooms, lockers, and the main weight room.

Any construction projects you know of that we missed, or you just think are really cool? Leave them down in the comments section.

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