Monday Manufacturing Round-Up: January 20th, 2014

Monday Manufacturing Round Up:

As we get into the third week of January, some would say that the New Year is really official, as we now have the Super Bowl match up set. All joking aside, our Manufacturing Round-Up mixes in a bit of numbers from last year and attempts to see what this year has in store for us. Hopefully you’re all staying warm and out of the fog, but luckily, the evenings seem to have a little more light every day getting us closer to summer, and construction season! On to the links:

  • Architect Magazine takes a look back towards a disappointing December for job growth. The one sector that had solid job growth numbers for December was residential construction. With the consistency of job growth, maybe the housing market is really back?
  • While jobs seem to continue to be available in construction, Intel has announced, unfortunately, plans to cut 5,000 jobs in 2014. With the influx of sales and usage of mobile devices, sales of processing chips have been down, really hurting Intel.
  • Keeping with the tech industry, is 2014 finally the year of the 3-D printer? That’s the question the New York Times is asking. With Adobe announcing the integration of 3-D printing in their newest version of Photo Shop, we may very well see a large spike in consumer usage of 3-D printing.
  • California is seeing a decline in housing sales. With prices increasing, and the number of short-sales and foreclosures diminishing, the housing sales numbers to our Southern neighbors were down from 2012.
  • This past weekend, the Disciples of Dirt, a local mountain biking club dedicated to community out reach and preservation of trails had their annual All-Comers Meet. Gear-heads from all across Lane county met just south of Eugene to enjoy a gathering of trail riding, and appreciation for the trail and general maintenance of former logging areas the club performs.

As always, a happy Monday morning to you, and here’s to the start of a productive week.

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