Monday Manufacturing Round-UP: January 27th, 2014

Monday Manufacturing Round-Up:

Our last Monday of the month brings us stories from all across the country ranging from housing numbers, to Millennial housing traits, to a story of cabinet makers finding a way to be more productive. Most places across the country are still pretty cold, and some (especially out here in Oregon) are a lot less rainy than usual (not that we’re complaining about it). On to the links:

  • Bloomberg Business Week is reporting that individual housing sales numbers were less than expected for December. A decrease in sales isn’t out of the usual for that time of year, as general inventory isn’t as high as other parts of the year due to bad weather, so no need to hit the panic button.
  • The Millennial generation gets pegged with a lot of tags, but Housing Wire is saying that blaming them for stalling the housing market is one that is unfounded. Those in the 30-34 age range have the lowest home owner percentages in recorded history. But, put your pitch forks and flaming brooms away, the 30-34 year olds were heavily affected by the housing collapse.
  • Michigan is looking to make some changes to the scrap metals industry in attempts to lower the copper theft rates. Some say that the changes are needed, some say that the proposed waiting periods will dramatically hinder scrap companies ability’s to do business.
  • Paul Downs writes an account of a cabinet maker taking time to become more efficient. An interesting read focuses the importance of taking time to talk things out with your sales and production crews, and to write ideas down to keep them fresh in your mind.
  • Lastly, farmers across the country are trying to get a head start in taking advantage of potential future bans on trans fats. Canola is being planted across the country, as a potential replacement for the trans fat oils that may soon be kicked out the door.

As always, a happy, productive Monday to you all!

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