Monday Manufacturing Round-Up: February 10th, 2014

Monday Manufacturing Round-Up:

As the US recovers from ice and snow storms across the country, the Olympics officially kicked off last Friday in Sochi. The metal count is rather close, with the Netherlands and Norway both leading the way with 7 total metals. Meanwhile, the job addition numbers here in US look good to start off 2014, while a move by Toyota in Australia is leaving some people out of work. On to the links:

  • Snips Magazine has a brief press release related to the increase of jobs in the US in January. There was a reported 113,000 jobs added last month.
  • IMPO has an interview with Joe Atikian, the author of Industrial Shift:The Structure of the New World Economy. His book and the interview touch on his belief that manufacturing and farming are not decreasing in the US, and the importance of Mexico in the future of manufacturing.
  • Unfortunately for Australia, Toyota recently announced that all of their factories within the country will be removed by the end of 2017. This move will remove the last car manufacturer in the country, and thousands without jobs. CNN Money has the story.
  • A Toronto-based start up has created a wrist band that syncs with your heart beat to bypass passwords to your own accounts. The bracelet resets itself when removed, and if stolen, cannot be used with another person’s pulse.
  • And if you’re missing out on this year’s AHR Conference, TMB Publishing has a live stream here.

That’s it for this Monday. Here’s to a productive start of your week.

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