Auxiliary Punch Press Equipment

Additional Equipment for Punch Presses

Now that we’ve covered the basics with punch presses, ranging from frame and power differences, we look to the outside of the press before we look to the inside. There are a handful of machines that are required to have along with a punch press to run a punch press to its full capabilities. Today we’ll take a look at three of the main auxiliary equipment pieces to add with a punch press, and in the coming weeks we’ll take a closer look at each individual machine.

Punch Press Un-Coilers

Cradle Uncoiler

This cradle uncoiler releases material as it is pulled against the yellow actuating arm. The amount that is fed is capable of being changed depending on the running product’s need.

Punch Press Un-Coilers are very important, as this is where the raw material begins its journey into the press. Coils are loaded into the un-coilers and are fed into the press by a variety of techniques. Some un-coilers are motorized and control the amount of material that is fed at a time, whereas some have no electrical or motor functions and feed out as much material as is being pulled. All styles of un-coilers have their strengths and weaknesses based on their set-up that we’ll take a more in-depth look at next week.

Material Straighteners

This material straightener eliminates coil-set from coiled raw material.

This material straightener eliminates coil-set from coiled raw material.

Material straighteners are needed depending on what thickness of material is being used, and how far the material is being fed. Since the coils of material have been bound in their wrapped position, some heavier gauge materials tend to have a curvature to it that will need to be straightened out before hitting with a die. The same goes for a die with more than two or three hit progressions. If material is needed to travel through so many progressions, it is important that the material is as straight as it can be going into the press.


Air Feeder

This air feeder feeds copper-clad material into a mechanical press. Two sliding pieces alternate movement to feed the material into the press.

Material feeders are vital to a smoothly running punch press. A feeder determines the amount of material that is fed into the press, so having a consistent set amount of material specified for each product is very important. There are a couple of different styles of feeders, and determining which feeder is best for your situation can vastly improve run time efficiency.

Next week we’ll start off by looking at the different styles of material un-coilers.

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