Monday Manufacturing Round-Up: May 5th, 2014

Monday Manufacturing Round-Up

As we get into the swing of things in May, jobs in the service industries are on the way up, however things don’t look quite as rosy for those in construction and over-seas. There is also a new trend in the manufacturing of solar panels that could reduce costs, allowing manufacturers to pass on the savings. On to the links:

  • Those who watch over the labor statistics of our service industries are happy about the growth they’ve seen. Market Watch has the brief. Some of the notable growth sectors include wholesale trade, retail trade and arts, and entertainment and recreation.
  • While service industries seem to be on the up, The NAHB’s Eye on Housing report isn’t as optimistic. While they do note that there has been a decrease in the unemployment rate, the construction jobs across the country haven’t increased significantly, and the NAHB blog attributes most of the dwindling unemployment numbers to people removing themselves from the job hunt.
  • In the mean time, Chinese manufacturing has shrank for the fourth month in a row. IMPO Magazine reports that the HSBC’s purchasing manager’s index is again signaling a decrease in production in China, however at a slower rate than what was reported for the three previous months.
  • Solar panel manufacturers in the US and the UK are experimenting with tin in aims of driving down the cost of the panels. International Business Times has the story that breaks down the thought of using tin as an alternative to lead.
  • Contracting Business has a story on the lack of refrigeration repair people on the job market. With a lack of interest from most vocational schools, the low and medium refrigeration repair sector is struggling to replace those who are retiring.

A happy Cinco de Mayo to all, and here’s to a productive start to your week.

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