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What is Metal Stamping?

Metal Stamping:

Now that we’ve reviewed materials, and are familiar with the basics of steel, copper, aluminum, and brass, what is it exactly that we do with these materials? Depending on the material, we’ll either machine them or stamp them. Aluminum and brass are typically machined at our facility, while copper clad and steel are stamped. We’ve also covered different machining options, so what is metal stamping?

A simple way to explain metal stamping is to say that metal is fed into a die, where punches pierce, form, and cut material into a finished part. A more step-by-step explanation of metal stamping is the process of feeding coiled material from an un-coiler, through a material straightening device, into a die that is being ran by a punch press of varying speeds and tonnage. Is your head spinning yet?

We’ll be taking the next couple of weeks to breakdown the process of what is happening, and the key concepts of a metal stamping operation deals with on a day-to-day basis.

Minster straight side punch press

This is a Minster straight side style punch press. We’ll get into general information, and anatomy of a punch press next week.

Breakdown of the Coming Weeks:

There’s a lot to cover in the process of metal stamping. There are a lot of engineering concepts, and different machines that put together just one part. We’ll start out by focusing on the big machines that go together to ensure material is properly fed. Some of the machines we’ll be focusing on include:

  • Punch Presses
  • Un-Coilers
  • Feeders
  • Straighteners

Once we’ve got a hold of all of the big machinery that goes into making parts, we’ll take an in depth look at dies. Dies are the intricate tools that fit inside the punch press, and where the material is fed. Dies are what actually make the part, by piercing, forming, and cutting the material. Some of the topics we’ll cover regarding dies are:

  • Different Types of Dies (coining, single hit, progressive, fine blank, etc.)
  • Key Concepts in Die Function
  • General Anatomy of a Die

We’ve got a lot of topics to cover over the next couple of months, so check in here every Wednesday for a new topic on metal stamping.

Swivel and Clevis Hangers Get UL Listing

What are Swivel and Clevis Hangers?

By John Stokes (

Swivel and Clevis Hangers are quite similar in function, but different in shape and common usage.

Swivel Hangers, also commonly known as Band Hangers, are a rounded piece of strapping that have two hard 90 degree bends at the top along with a pierced hole to fit a threaded nut. The Swivel Hanger is then installed to wrap around vertically suspended piping, typically used in fire safety systems. The size description is based on the the size of the pipe it fits with. For example, a 1″ Clevis Hanger fits 1″ piping. To finish the installation, a 3/8″ threaded rod is used to to screw into the threaded nut and is secured into the ceiling.

Clevis Hangers also hold vertically suspended piping with a 3/8″ threaded rod as well, but have defined bends to form the shape of the part. While Clevis Hangers are commonly used in fire safety systems, they’re also used for general plumbing lines more frequently because of their larger size. Check down below for pictures of both parts.

The 1/2" Swivel Hanger is the smallest of our Swivel Hanger line

One of our Swivel Hangers with the UL Listed stamp

UL Listing for Swivel and Clevis Hangers

Underwriters Laboratories, also commonly known as UL, is an independent safety science company that is globally known and respected for their efforts in providing safety benchmarks for a wide variety of industries. Click here for the Hangers, Pipes UL listing, and click here for the Support Devices for Thermoplastic Sprinkler Piping UL listing. General information as to what constitutes their classifications and requirements towards those listings can be found at the top left of each page.

The Clevis Hanger is a great option for hanging vertically suspended piping

Our 3″ Clevis Hanger

Why Metal Products Company Offers UL Listed Swivel and Clevis Hangers

In the 25-plus years Metal Products Company has been under the current ownership, it has striven to offer it’s customers the highest quality of metal stamping parts. With the custom manufacturing and die building capabilities Metal Products Company possess, new products and areas of business are always within our capabilities.